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V-Inspire Comments

  • Candidates write general answer instead of referring to actual provisions in a concise and to the point manner. Many candidates answered the question with a common sense approach.
  • Candidates concentrated only on selected aspects
  • Presentation of answers are not good
  • Level of expression in the English language requires much improvement
  • Candidates exhibited poor knowledge about recent amendments
  • Candidates didn't read the question paper carefully and hence fails to understand the requirement of the questions in a correct manner Some cases, students did not confine themselves to the fact mentioned therein, but gave more than one answer.

How to Present Answer

  • Read the question carefully - underline important words
  • Try to understand what the examiner wants. Identify the key point asked in the question and underline it.
  • Answer according to marks assigned to that question. Do not write irrelevant point or things just to increase length.
  • Try to make more headings, subheadings, points and small paragraphs
  • Candidates exhibited poor knowledge about recent amendments
  • Use underlining for key words in the answer.

Presentation of case law

Answer to the question on case law should be in the following sequence

  • Brief Facts of the Case
  • Statutory Provisions
  • Relevant Case Law
  • Reasons for your view and
  • Conclusion

Practical Questions

  • Give heading for what you are going to calculate
  • Try to present in tabular format
  • Attach working notes
  • Working notes should give the reason for inclusive or exclusive of that particular amount, along with authority of section or case law.

Descriptive Questions

  • Never write the section/rule as it is
  • Begin the answer with your own explanation
  • Give the relevant section/Rule
  • Conclude the answer on the basis of above discussion/analysis it can be said that.